Look, we know that the grim reaper may not be the best management advisor, but we still think some of these tips are to die for (although you might want to keep those health restrictions in place).

Do you have any more management tips?

If you want to improve morale, we do have some genuinely useful tips for you.

We know time tracking isn’t always the most fun activity so we made a list of a few ways

As a manager, it can be tough to let go. There’s always going to be the urge to micromanage.

It’s good to remind yourself that your staff are, hopefully, competent and motivated individuals. Letting them figure out how they do their best work, even if it may not align perfectly with your ideas of how people should work, is a huge benefit for both company morale and your staff’s output.

As we often point out . Good work is about getting things done and not just falling into a busy trap. It’s not about the hours your work. We would know, to test just that.

If you’re looking to improve your efficiency and work fewer hours, we also happen to have a that may very well help you accomplish those goals. What a totally, random coincidence.

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