Why is the Divorce Rate So High in the USA? 

Frequent research reports reveal that divorce in Western countries especially the United States of America is estimated at around 50%. The reports about the divorce rates in America shows that divorce rate for first, second and third marriage is 41%, 60%, and 73% respectively. The researchers reveal that couples with children have a slightly lower divorce rates as compared with couples with childless couples. But why is the divorce rate so high in the USA? In this article we discuss the possible reasons why the divorce rates are so high and seem to go even higher:
  i. Childlessness
  The absence of children can lead to the loneliness that can lead to divorce. Reports have shown that up to 66% of all divorced couples are childless. Statistics, however, reveal that the divorce rate is lower among unmarried couples living together. Couples have different opinions when it comes to babies. If one of the couples is interested with babies, while the other in not interested, the likelihood of divorce goes up. Young people in the United States tend to have high differences when it comes to having babies, and this has lead to millions of divorce. For advice, contact Zung Clough Divorce Lawyer Naples Fl, who will be able to help on the matter
  ii. Social economy effect:
  Most marriages depend on labor opportunities, economic growth, career movement and cultural support. When economic growth slowdown some of the marriages tend to fail due to economical issues. In fact, most divorce in the United States is seen among the uneducated population in the rural area. It has been shown that higher income earners have intact families.
  iii. Urbanization:
  When every other constant are kept constant, researchers have shown that urbanization leads to more divorce. There are many reasons for these ranging from poor information flow, longer working hours among the couples and poorer support systems. However, with a well established social support system, the rate of divorce is likely to reduce in an urban setting. Due to the labor movement, most urban families are nuclear and lack a social support system. These couples lack proper guidance and counseling and are very prone to family breakup.
  iv. Change Religion and beliefs 
  Different religions have different rules and believe when it comes to divorce. For instance, among the orthodox Catholic, divorce is a taboo and is unattainable. Married couples who share the same religion and believe have a stronger spiritual bond, and the likelihood among such couple is extremely low. However, in a number of families in the modern society couples belongs to different religions and have a weaker spiritual bond that can easily lead to divorce.
  v. Weak Legal system  
  In the United State, getting a divorce is not a big deal, and divorce can happen even for the simplest reason. Unlike years ago when divorce was a messy procedure, the United States have smoother legal that make easy to get a divorce.
  Many factors fuel the divorce rate in the United States, but having a steady job market is a good medication in the United State. People depend on jobs to bring up their families, and with poor economies, the United State is likely to witness more divorce in future.  For a very experienced divorce attorney in SW Florida, be sure to contact Rebecca Zung Divorce Lawyer Naples Fl - who will make sure you receive the best legal advice to resolve your issue.